Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 7,8,9 and 10 !!

Well I made it - 10 days with no solid food. Surprisingly I feel fantastic - after day 6 things got a lot better. The spins went away, as did the hunger cravings - my energy levels were up. I still detest the salt water flush, but they are over.

The turning point really was day 6, I was very close to giving up - it was a huge test of will not to give into the hunger cravings and trust the fact I was getting everything I needed from the Lemon aid. Tomorrow morning is the final weigh in, I think I made below the 170 mark, but will wait and see.

The most ironic thing about the 10 day cleanse is how I feel now. If you asked me 10 days ago what I wanted to eat I would have told you 'butter fried steak' :) - but I am seriously not craving it at all now. I spent the weekend around BBQ food and beer, and although tempted - it made me cringe to see pop and sugar loaded foods. They simply aren't necessary, and we don't need them. I am going to make a concerted effort to eat only healthy whole foods here out, and am considering trying a no red meat diet for the rest of the month, just to see if this awesome feeling of being completely detoxed can be maintained.

Tomorrow I begin to wean myself back onto solids, by introducing some fresh OJ - the next day some soup broth, day 3 some veggies - and a balanced meal on day 4. I am thinking Sushi ! as I deserve a little decadence.

I will blog my bodies reaction to something other than Lemons and return to solids - and my final weigh in.

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