Monday, July 9, 2007

Day 4

Starting to empty out, the salt water flush this am wasn't pleasant at all, but still brought stuff out of me even after 4 days without solids. Truly amazing how stuff gets lodged in there.

Was pretty hungry today, I took some Hoodia extract (which is some organic appetite suppressant) to help with the cravings - and had a little extra lemonade. Energy levels are still good, went for a run without any complications.

Strangely I thought I would be craving steak and bacon, but I am just really looking forward to some fresh fruit and vegetables. It seems the more toxic crap I purge out of my system, via the cleanse the more my body doesn't want to return to the status quo. I don't see myself going vegetarian after this, but I will be eating much less red meat for sure.

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