Saturday, July 7, 2007

Day 2

Day 2 is coming to an end. This is the hardest thing I have ever done. Apparently once you get past Day 3 the cravings go away - I have tons of energy, but I am still a bit light headed.

I found a support forum for people that are starting the cleanse, there are some other Day 2'ers, and we are all going through the same things. Others are on day 15 of 20 day cleanses.. I can't even imagine that at this point.

My first Salt Water Flush (SWF) this morning was 'interesting' - I haven't had any solid food in 48 hours, but you wouldn't know it by what came out of me. Note to others, DON'T do the Salt Water Flush if you have to go anywhere in the next 1.5 hours, and drink it all at once, one big chug - 1 big trip to the loo. You can set your watch by how long it will take to run through you.

At this point - 10 days seems like an eternity, 1 day at a time....

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