Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 13 - things returning to normal

My GI tract/stomach has been happy to get some real food. I have been very careful to slowly ease back into solids by eating a few oranges and vegetable soups. Apart from some mild indigestion all things have gone very well. I had my first trip (non salt water flush related) to the loo today! which was just excellent.

My appetite is returning with a vengeance, once your body starts up digestion again it wants food. I have been careful and have struck to a vegetarian liquid diet, but am ready to introduce some meat protein back in.

The hell I went through seems like a distant memory already and I feel great.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Final Weigh in & Smokers are wussy's.

This morning was the final weigh-in.

Starting weight - 180.8 lbs.

Finishing weight - 166 lbs.

I feel fantastic without the extra 15 lbs., and about to enjoy some fresh squeezed OJ!! I imagine I will gain some of this back, but not all of it - the fat around my mid section is gone.

I had a revelation last night as well - Smokers are full of shit. I don't care how addicted you are to nicotine, there is nothing harder than giving up food. You might say 'I have been smoking for 20 years, and I can't quit' that is pure bullshit - I have been eating for 34 and I gave that up. It all comes down to willpower, pure and simple.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 7,8,9 and 10 !!

Well I made it - 10 days with no solid food. Surprisingly I feel fantastic - after day 6 things got a lot better. The spins went away, as did the hunger cravings - my energy levels were up. I still detest the salt water flush, but they are over.

The turning point really was day 6, I was very close to giving up - it was a huge test of will not to give into the hunger cravings and trust the fact I was getting everything I needed from the Lemon aid. Tomorrow morning is the final weigh in, I think I made below the 170 mark, but will wait and see.

The most ironic thing about the 10 day cleanse is how I feel now. If you asked me 10 days ago what I wanted to eat I would have told you 'butter fried steak' :) - but I am seriously not craving it at all now. I spent the weekend around BBQ food and beer, and although tempted - it made me cringe to see pop and sugar loaded foods. They simply aren't necessary, and we don't need them. I am going to make a concerted effort to eat only healthy whole foods here out, and am considering trying a no red meat diet for the rest of the month, just to see if this awesome feeling of being completely detoxed can be maintained.

Tomorrow I begin to wean myself back onto solids, by introducing some fresh OJ - the next day some soup broth, day 3 some veggies - and a balanced meal on day 4. I am thinking Sushi ! as I deserve a little decadence.

I will blog my bodies reaction to something other than Lemons and return to solids - and my final weigh in.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 6

Today was the first day I felt pretty much normal - no hunger cravings, a little bit of a light head, but other than that; I have tons of energy and feel just great. I am sleeping really well

Words cannot describe how much I detest the Salt water flush - but it is a necessary cleansing evil (wet wipes to the rescue). Timing of the flush is required. I have concluded you are house bound for 2 hours in total, from the last sip to the last trip, so I have taken to waking up early and getting it out of the way before I start my day.

4 more days!!

I might not catch up on blogging until Sunday - as I will be away for the weekend.

Day 5 - 1/2 way there !!

Pretty average day - I felt pretty spacey and hungry most of the day. I made a huge mistake this morning and started taking on lemonade before I was finished evacuating my Salt Water Flush.. not good. I would recommend that you wait until you are totally empty and done with the SWF before starting your breakfast. I am not making that mistake again.

I have upped that cayenne percentage in my tonic to get things moving during the day - as if it wasn't for the SWF in the am, I wouldn't be moving anything though the system, apparently this is common. I drink a Senna leaf tea at the end of the day to keep stuff active through the night - but it does absolutely nothing for me, but I like the taste so I will stay on that.

Getting halfway is a huge milestone, every day one day closer to the end!! Sunday can't come soon enough. I want an orange.

PS - Weight continues to fall off my body, I am going to be close to passing under 170 tomorrow. It is a bit leery to drop this much this quick.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Day 4

Starting to empty out, the salt water flush this am wasn't pleasant at all, but still brought stuff out of me even after 4 days without solids. Truly amazing how stuff gets lodged in there.

Was pretty hungry today, I took some Hoodia extract (which is some organic appetite suppressant) to help with the cravings - and had a little extra lemonade. Energy levels are still good, went for a run without any complications.

Strangely I thought I would be craving steak and bacon, but I am just really looking forward to some fresh fruit and vegetables. It seems the more toxic crap I purge out of my system, via the cleanse the more my body doesn't want to return to the status quo. I don't see myself going vegetarian after this, but I will be eating much less red meat for sure.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Day 3

If the master cleanse has taught me one thing, it's that we eat WAY too much food, or at least I do. I can easily get by with 1/2 of what I have ate in the past. Point proven, I am living on lemons and water, and feel mostly great.

My system has almost adjusted to a liquid diet, the hunger cravings are become less severe, and the "slow brain' syndrome is dissipating. If you want to start a cleanse, I would do it on a Friday, so you are relatively back to normal by the start of the next work week.

Day 3 - Weight 178. Even after 3 days my body is maintaining its weight.